Tuesday, 22 February 2011

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

And we're in baby!!!!

Well 2 weeks in and we are sort of settled!!! Was a total nightmare!

Moving day: We nearly didn't get a van as we didn't have the right I.D for Matt, and then my card got declined!!!!! finally got one, so we start loading the van, kiddies happily at my mums, first we drop the washer down the step, ace. then the sofa get stuck!!! marvelous! all sorted tho, minor blips!!!! took just a few hours to get everything in the house! get it sorted. also get the cooker delivered the same day!

We had an electrician round to fit the cooker on the weds, turns out, the nesbits that are KNH have had a new shower fitted, but cut the wire that goes to the cooker shut of switch! great micro meals and KFC for a week, shame! Also ordered kids bedroom shit to be delivered on the Tuesday, turns out, card through the door, "we have left it in your garden" funny that, I don't see it!!! obv been robbed, had it re-ordered, tells me it been delivered for a 2ND time, and signed for!!!mm mm no, I would remember signing for it, 3rd round, diff order, apparently signed for again! no sir not me!!!! ace, turns out, delivery driver was off so had cover and went to wrong House...lavvly. so I have to send of my drivers licence to prove it wasn't me that signed for it!

apart from that, it is a fantastic area, gorgeous house, 2 big gardens, and I have got in touch with a few other mummies round here which I plan to meet up with on Sunday.
also Reg's at the surestart centre so I can take kiddies up 2-3 times a week

all in all, very happy.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Another Update

We should be picking up the keys to the new house in the next couple of days, and to say im excited is an understatement, I am sooo happy, have picked out everything we are buying!!!!
Also we have a poorly baby, think it may be swine flu, he is full of it, my babe never cires, and he screams when we put him down, come out with rash allover his torso, so off to docs tomorrow, poor lil lad

Jake is doing good, im contemplating cutting off his dads side of the fam, they still let him see his dad, even tho i got court papers saying they need my permission, and last time he came back saying he has 2 mummies, and i know that this is becase he calls matt daddy....i could say so much more in this family,but will wait till i move, no one actually knows where we are going, only people that will is a few close BC friends, my mum, matts mu and matts ex for the sake of his kid...

i have told a few porkies as to where we are going to a few people haaaa, to put them off, but, you will get a shock, as nice as you try to be to stay near jake, i know your games, and i sussed your bull lies, and you will be shocked....you really have no idea......

thats it for t'nite\....oh but, WTF is with xfacotr????

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Well done Liam, and well done me

My friends babies op went as planned today, I have been at twiddling my thumbs waiting for text, it all went good, little man is all drugged up and bandaged up, he was born with no soft spots and poor little baby had to have surgery on his head, 5 hour op, love ya all xxxxx

Also, check me out, gonna be a racing driver muahahha, driving lesson today, and i cracked the 3 point turn in just 3 attempts, he said if i did it that way in my test i would pass!! whey!!!!!

been told our new house will be ready in 3 weeks, having work done on it, i cant wait!!!! so exited!!!!! Jake is all giddy too! he is going to be sleeping at Matt's mums for the first time next week, bless him, he adores them, and even tho they are not 'real' grandparents, they are really, he is all giddy! they have Luke overnight whenever his mum isn't working Saturday nights, they love it. I believe a strong bond with the paternal grandparents are a need really, both of my kids are close to there grandparents, mine and Matt's side, and its ace! :))))))

Matt seems to have recovered from his pig flu.....MM man cold i thinks....so hopefully will be off to see his Lil man this weekend, glad things are finally sorted in that way, not my place to say, but he is SO much happier since he can see him. hopefully i will get to see him soon and introduce him to his baby brother! he will just adore him!!!!

anyways enough rambling from me!!! xxx

Sunday, 4 October 2009

New House!!

As the title says, we have finally been offered a new house, it is not the estate we wanted, its out of the way, lavvvly area, big front and back garden...GET IN!! we need to take a look at it to check size on kids bedroom, but if its ok, we will be moving very soon, im sooooo happy, i danced round the room!! just what we need, new start. not sayin where it os as there are certain people who wont be getting told, like jakes gran and grandma, it wont affect them seeing him, it just means we will drop them off. cant have my ex knowing where we are.

it is a good 30 min drive from here. i love it. not looking forward to packing tho!!! where do you start eh!! we have so much shit, im looking forward to taking our time and decorating all nice and making it home. this place neeeds it, but i hate it!

totally new area for us all, new start and im reaallllyyy excited!

nothing else exciting, not like anything is exciting.

A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge good luck to one of my good friends baby, poor love is off for an op on tuesday, lil man will be totally fine, but its so daunting, love ya leesssyy xxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


My nan is bck at home, well was untill today, my mum, who isnt in the best of health herself was staying there, but was struggling, my poor nan cant lie down in bed, cant stand up cant walk, and it was getting really tough, went to see her with kids, and they put a smile on her face, and matt said her disco dancing days are over!!!!, bless, she went into a nursing home today, she must be totally crushed, so independant, just till she gets back onto her feet, which im sure she will soon enough.

well, house wise, we wer told we were near the top of the waiting list for a house on the estate matt used to live, lived there with his babies mummy ages ago, and alone in a flat too, and then we rang yest and they said we are 28th!!!!!!! and i rang today and they said we dont have a position on the list whhaaaaattttt???? so we are ringing back tomorrow to speak to the lass who actually has the list on her comp, she wasnt in today and no one else has it apparently.....fingers crossed, apply for 6 every week, on leeds council and kirklees, really wanna move bad, i hate this house, hate it, tis not a home, too small, scruffy, i wanna decorate and have it nice, but i aint spending cash on it when i hate it!

got a new driving teacher today, went really well, i text him and told him to expect me to be really bad, as i was sooo nervous, but i did surprisingly well!!!! a hell of a lot better than i thought! so hopefully it will go better, i am only having an hour a week, so he said he would have me passed by july, so i might think about doing 2 hours a week, but an hour each time....then it doesnt wreck my head!!!!
so fingers crossed, drove matt for the first time other dya, he shit himself, he was terrible, his car is powerfull and diff, and i got scred knowing he dint have dual controls!!! even tho he did keep jumping for the brake haha bless him!!!!!

nothing else to report..all boring really!!! matt off to see his lil man on saturday, so i dont have jake friday night so me and luke might take a trip into waakey or something...meeting the mother in law on friday, matt was s'possed to go to london but dont think he is as he STILL not ben paid ffs...grrrrrrrrrrrr......but ill still meet her anyways, i can moan about matt then!!!

thats it now..bed timeeeee xxxxxx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Get well nana and update

My poor Nana, shes grand old age of 84, lives on her own, sooo damn independent, has fallen down her steps leaving the flat and broke her hip :(, and she cant take some strong painkillers as they make her puke, and others make her ulcers flare up, bless her, so my mum is staying with her for a while, and neither have had any sleep, wish i could help in some way.. GET WELL SOON xxxxxxx

Not really been up to much lately, nothing exciting, may have over active thyroid problem, been investigated MM, needles, lovely! got me a new pram, a lush one!!! stuck the pliko on eBay, see boring, nothing exciting!!!
we have been told we are super close to getting our new house in the area we want, not saying where as i don't want my ex ever finding out! we got offered on on fanny moor crescent, ha ha, Matt wouldn't be able to live there he such a child....and it was in Huddersfield and we don't want that...

i got insured on Matt's car today, and also found myself a new instructor, i liked driving the vectra, so different to the fiesta i was used to, hardly notice you got an accelerator!! ain't drove for 2 weeks so need to get back into it, wanna be passed in the early new year!

big shout out to my mates who have been ill too!! good old sooz, ya big shlaaag!!!! poor sod got oink oink, get better soon babe,

our night out int happening in Leeds now, me and Matt were gonna go Blackpool for the weekend, but with my mum at my nans, no one to have Jake, not overly fussed, as long as my nan is getting looked after, a takeaway will do me fine..
thats all for now xxxx